Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Rea Cris - Thank You So Nice

Thank You So Nice are an indie rock band from Edinburgh. You can find them at

You play in band with two guys.  Do you find that people treat you differently from the other two?

Not in terms of carrying the gear. I've surprised a few guys, lugging my bass and amp around. Being the only girl in the band...there's a stereotype that girl bassists don't really know how to play their instrument. So sometimes I come off the stage and they go, 'Oh, you can really play that', and I'm like, 'yeah'. But on the flipside, I get really annoyed when when girls pander to that, it makes it harder for anyone else. I don't look good in live photos, because I'm really concentrating, but they do, cos they just stand there and pose. The biggest sexism I get is when people are amazed that I can play my instrument well.

Do you get this from sound engineers?

No, actually one of our favourite sound engineers is a girl, and she's really good at her job. But really I think that all sound engineers think all bands are stupid.

How about the media?

STV (Scottish TV) called us up and they wanted to do a article on us, and it was a girl journalist, and she said 'wow, you're the only girl in the, are you the motherly one?' I was like, 'no!' I get annoyed because the bass is a really powerful instrument. But people always try and feminise you. And that's the other thing that annoys me – people always say, 'are you the singer?'

Have you had to put up with sexism when buying gear in music shops?

It's been fine. The only time I got a bit annoyed – it was in the rehearsal room, and I couldn't get the amp to work. And the guy came in and was like (adopts condescending tone) 'press the mute button'. And it was soooo patronising. And then he rolled his eyes at one of the guys in the band.

Like 'women!'?


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